Children want to play, not shop.


 So why not let them have fun while you enjoy some time to yourself? We have exciting activities for every age group! Our children’s “Village” boasts a Kitchen, an Artist Studio, a Fire Department, and a Dress-up & Play area. For the younger set, we have ball-pits, bounce houses, slides, jungle gyms, soft play, building blocks, ride-alongs and much more. Older kids will enjoy gaming on one of our many different systems where we have all the latest. We have created a "play with purpose" atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore, experiment and socialize. Play is a child’s work. It unlocks their imagination, enhances reading readiness, develops cognitive thinking, as well as further develops gross and fine motor skills. Through play children develop empathy, compassion, and trust. Your child will have a blast and want to come back again and again.



Drop-in Rates

One Child - $11 hour

Two Children- $20 hour

Three Children - $24 hour

Any Additional Children - $7.50

Stay N Play

We welcome parents to come and stay and play with children of all ages.

Mon- Fri 10:30am-1:00pm

$11.00 for one child

$20.00 for two children

$24.00 for three children

$7.50 each additional


Hours of Operation

10 am - 9 pm Monday - Saturday

10 am - 6 pm Sunday